Saturday, July 23, 2011

What to do With Scraps?

Since I am anything but a traditional quilter I have a huge stash and giant piles of irregular shaped scraps. There is something relaxing about just sewing random pieces together to "Make Fabric". Then the challenge is to do something with it.  This is my latest project. 
I started by just sewing random scrap pieces together,  then trimming to 10 1/2" blocks. Made over 30 of them.
Then using a multi-color blue/green stripe  fabric I make 1/2 square triangles using this technique.

 May not suit everyone because the triangle legs are on the bias, but with "made fabric" everything is on the bias.

Arranged the blocks in a zig zag design. Size will depend on how many blocks I get from the solid fabric. .

After all the sewing I'm still left with more scraps, but enough is enough.  

These go into the scrap bag which will be used as stuffing for dog and cat beds, which will be donated to the local animal shelter

One of these days I'll do a post on knitting since I spend a good share of each day doing that. No sense just watching TV without some knitting going on!

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Anonymous said...

I hear you! I have a picture much like yours, but more scraps.I have trouble using my cutting board. Making art quilts with lots of applique, you cut up a lot of fabric!