Sunday, August 7, 2011

What do I Wear? and I have a Lot of Fabric.

In addition to being addicted to quilting I am also a garment sewer. I have made most of my clothes since I was in college. I have taught sewing and machine instruction classes.

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation to my Sewing Guild. I'll be up on a stage doing a trunk show my collection of quilted jackets.  (Presentation pictures tomorrow.)
Should be fun, but I'll be in front of a large group of great sewers, so what do I wear ? Normal outfit is shorts/jeans and a T-shirt. Most of my old work clothes are kind of tattered. The jackets are just too warm when the temperatures are in the 80's. So obvious for someone with a large fabric stash - Make Something New.

So off to the fabric bins I went and found some great stuff, and several possibilities. Made a full 8 gored skirt and had matching solid fabric for a top. Cut it out and wanted a more scooped neck - no problem, just cut the neck line deeper. Opps - just the neckline not the shoulder. I cut over 2 inches all around the neck opening. This made the shoulder length way too short. I tried several options but nothing would rescue it.  (Sorry no pictures it's already stuffing for a pet mat.) So I had a real funky skirt, and lucky I have several dressy cotton t-shirts that match. So pressure is off.

But I never liked the fit of the original top pattern I was using. The armholes were way too deep. So dug into the pattern collection and found another top pattern. Made a trial one in a knit I found. So far so good. Then I made another one in a woven fabric. This one is much better armhole fit and I liked the scooped neck. See a color pattern here?

Either of these might work with the skirt, but I think my purple t-shirt will be what I choose.

Then I spent the entire afternoon sorting and cleaning the fabric collection. WOW I have some great stuff. But now that I'm retired I dress much more casually. Have to try to be a little more "put together" and make some new outfits, just because I like the fabrics so much.

And More Good News, I threw out a grocery bag of patterns that I will never use, many over 20 years old. My body shape is definitely not the same. Not much value as vintage patterns, so into the recycle bin they went. Then I have at least one tote of fabric, patterns and books for the Lansing Clippers Sewing Guild Garage Sale in October. This is only one of several containers of fabric and yarn that I will try and get rid of.  My tastes and interest have changed so hopefully some one will like what I have to offer and I'll get a few $$ for fabric that I do like.

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