Friday, September 9, 2011

Vacation Time


Sun rise in St. Ignace

View from our room in Marquette
 After sticking close to home all summer we have been to the Michigan upper peninsula and in 2 weeks will travel to the North Carolina coast. Not sure how many miles, but it's a long way on the map.

Noro Project
I took 2 knitting projects on the UP trip. Made some progress on a Noro summer sweater, but still not sure I like it. Maybe it just needs a "time out" again for a while. This is the 3rd project with this yarn, so it's a tough one to figure out.


Bike trail in Marquette
    But we did get some great bike riding weather in Marquette and Ispheming  (33 mile day). Iron Ore Heritage Trail.  Then we went to Charlevoix and rode the Little Traverse Wheelway to Petoskey (42 mile round trip) This was our best riding so far.


Garden Fall 2011
Garden Fall 2011
Tomato and Morning Glory Tower
Also came home to an over grown lawn and our best fall flower beds yet. The tomato tower was taken over by volunteer morining glorys. I have a hard time pulling out any sucessfully growing plant. All summer we battled the woodchuck family that took up residence under our front porch. We relocated 4 of them and the same afternoon of the 4th relocation there was another one just sitting on our front porch. He seems to have moved on because the petunias and looking pretty good. I think they like the cooler weather.

But now it is time to do some retaining wall redesign. We tried to grow German iris, but when mixed with other plants they quickly get crowded out. And they have very different soil requirements. So we are building a separate terrace layer just for the iris and will be filling it with sand. Each block weighs about 25 pounds so this is just like a weight exercise session.
So not much on the sewing and quilting front. My studio area is filled with suitcases, tote bags and  clothes to be washed and repacked for the next trip.  Maybe some shopping in local yarn and quilt shops along the way will be in order.