Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Inspiration Piece Finished

"Vase of Flowers"
by Vincent van Gogh

I Finished my swap partners inspiration piece. I don't remember who said "When in doubt, add more quilting." but this is exactly what I did. (If you click on the picture to open full screen, you should be able to see the quilting detail)

I have a large box of cotton and rayon decorative threads. I saw this as an opportunity to use some of the rayons which are too fragile for every day quilting. I didn't have any bright red so I used a 30 weight cotton. This made the 50 weight rayon look absolutely puny. So added more to the yellow and orange with 30 weight cotton. The piece is now so heavily quilted that it will almost stand up by itself. But just need to add the binding and label and call it done.

Quilting with 30 weight thread is a real challenge. This piece had some very thick places because of all the very small pieces used for the flowers. It was very tricky to free motion quilt with this type of irregular thickness.

Now on to my inspiration piece which is totally different and should be a lot easier to quilt.

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Elsa said...

Irene, this block is beautiful ~ love your interpretation of 'Vase of Flowers'. The quilting is brilliant!