Friday, July 1, 2011

More than 15 Minutes ..........

Our collective blog is titled 15 Minutes of Play but I spent way more time on my Solids Swap project than 15 minutes today. It was a very warn humid day, so I stayed inside and worked for over 5 hours. Time flies when you are having fun!!  Once I got going there was no stopping. Even turned the iron and sewing machine off, just to go back and turn it back on and work for another 2 hours. 

I think my swap partner wanted to keep our projects secret, but I can't help myself.  If you are reading this Ellen and want to keep the secret, you have to stop reading now.

 I started with this strip pieced fabric to make the flowers but this didn't go anywhere. Then I used lots of small strips and made "wonky" squares for the flowers.

This made lots of small pieces but was successful for the look I wanted. I then started to arrange the flowers on the background  and liked it even more. This was the point that I turned things off, but came back to keep working.  Then the fun really stared. How to piece all these strange shapes together into something with balance and composition? I think I sewed X, Y, and W seams but it is reasonably flat. Quilting will be my friend.

 This is a little more representational than I wanted but I am really excited and can't wait to get the fancy rayon thread out to start the quilting.  I'm going to send this to Ellen, because it was her picture I used for inspiration, but I think I have to make one for myself. Wonder if the 2nd time will be any quicker?

This is a really fun challenge project. It is difficult to use just plain solids and not use my hand dyes which are not even color, or batiks which I have a major collection of. But nothing to say I can't make more.  Now I have my own picture to work on which is a totally different style.  IF tomorrow is another hot day (prediction is 90's) I should have progress pictures tomorrow.



mary e said...

that's wonderful

Nifty Quilts said...

A beautiful piece!! I would love to hang it on my wall.