Friday, July 1, 2011

Starting with the Blues

My swap partner picked this picture to use as inspiration for a small 15" x15" quilt.  This is a tough one because it's too easy to just make the flowers as applique or a raw edge technique. But I really don't want "chunks" of solid colors either.

 I have my pile of solids ready. First problem I don't really have enough blues in my stash.  Probably enough for this project but will have to look for more on the  next shopping trip.

So for the first try I started with free cut strips of the blue for the background and the vase.  I think to just get started I will make flowers made from fabric using the 15 Minutes of Play  "found fabric" process.  From there maybe something more free form will emerge.


ellen gets crafty said...

I was planning on keeping my quilts a surprise until they are finished - hope that is okay with you. When I first looked at the flowers in the vase, I saw triangle shapes and have based my quilt on those. Please let me know if you would prefer that I share them now. Ellen

Irene said...

Ellen- Doesn't matter to me. I was just using the blog post as a "rest" as I tried to get my thoughts organized. Still a long way to go and what you see is definitely not what you will get.

mary e said...

hi irene. stopped in for my 1st visit. i follow 15mins also. looking forward seeing your quilty!!! :>) they have really been neat, and so will yours.

Miki Willa said...

Looks like a good start. I will enjoy watching your progress.