Monday, August 15, 2011

Tale of 2 Slippers and a Sock

As my friends know I don't really knit socks. I love the yarn but I find double pointed needles awkward. But I have made one or two pair, and Christmas Socks so this is something I can do. So when a friend e-mailed me looking for Old Fashioned Bed Slippers for a sick cousin, I said I could do this. Knitting for someone you don't know can be a challenge - What size? What color? What style? So I suggested that a tube sock would be the most practical option. 

I knit them on 2 - 16" circulars and used 2 strands of sock yarn for a soft squishy sock.

Then I went web surfing and found a pattern for the slippers. Aunt Maggie Slippers. Looked pretty simple so I started knitting to try out the pattern. I thought they were kind of loose so I added a ribbed cuff and SUCCESS. Only problem I used a dull blue yarn. Not something for someone who needs cheering up. So second slipper was in turquoise with a small lime flower.

Now I just have to finish the second sock and slipper.


karenfae said...

I like this tube sock - it looks much easier to make than some I have seen - I am not a real experience knitter but think maybe this I could do - when you get to the very end do you just pull it tight for the toe area -- how do you finish it? if you know what I mean

Irene said...

Karen --
Glad you found this inspiring. The patten you referenced on your blog is as good as any. But mine have a spiral rib to them. After about 2 inches or normal ribbing I change to k4,P4. Do this for 4 rows. Then on the next round start with a P1, K4,P4 . Your stitch count needs to be divisible by 4, but this gives a nice spiral to the socks and I think will keep them from stretching out

This is close to what I did, but I just made my pattern up The toe is part decrease until there were only 8 stitches left then I just pulled them all together. The pattern you found is much better and I will follow it next time.

I have been following your blog - Have fun on your trip!

Sharon said...

Your blog is loaded with great stuff. I shall return when I have more time. I also see lots of "new to me" blogs on your blog roll. I need more time and less housework!