Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Product vs Process

I love the process of design, fabric selection, challenge of putting it together. Even the process of ripping out and redoing.

But then I also like to have a finished product. For my art work this means I finish pieces that should not be finished. I will take an idea gone bad and keep working to make a charity quilt. Not great art but still a comfy quilt.

Here are some of my latest finished products.  The best is the Robot Quilt for a special grandson. Then there is Spider Man for the same grandson. He has a birthday in March so this will be his present.  

(Grandson #2 is getting left out here, but there is a Dr Seuss panel to be put together soon.)

Hello Kitty for the special granddaughter. No finished pictures, but here is the pile of fabric. I need to get better on the finished pictures

For son and daughter-in-law who just moved into a new house there is a work in progress. Making a king sized bed quilt is a lot of work. This is a set of 42, 16"  blocks, each with a specific monochromatic color scheme which will be assembled into the new bed quilt. In this picture there is too much of the neutral background. More recent blocks have larger color strips.

So this looks like a lot of product and not much in the process of creating that great quilt composition. But from the large king quilt there are a lot of finished scrap pieces that I can't wait to play with for a wall quilt.  But first I have about 14 more of the blocks to finish!

Thanks for reading this, Irene

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