Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finally back in the Sewing/Knitting Seat!

It's been a long time. Still not 100%. The arm break was the easy part. Associated tendon and nerve damage is taking a lot longer. But the good news is that sewing and knitting are on the approved physical therapy list. Working on the computer is also good therapy. Just need to take breaks for hot/cold pack rests.

When I last posted I was working on a vintage challenge. I almost got it done and this is where it is ready for quilting. No rush on this so it's on the back burner for now.

Vintage fabric

Mid design


Before final quilting and cropping.
Picture on right, Composition on left

A current deadline project is another collaborative project from Tommy where we all get a segment of an enlarged photograph to interpret. This one is larger than the one we did last year - a good thing..  I got all the piecing done and now I'm working on the quilting. Not all that hard sewing wise but takes time to figure out and practice to get the right free motion quilting technique. But I will only be a week or two late on the deadline and she is OK with that. Thank you Tommy for your patience.

**Update I got it done and ready to address the envelope!!!

Since I finished my collaborative project I am ready for something fun and relaxing and found it on the 15 Minutes of Play color challenge. Each Wednesday Victoria picks a new color and our challenge is to make a block with this focus color. So far the colors have been mauve, ochre, avocado, peach and "screaming" yellow. I have but together a collection of each color (ochre is a really problem because I don't do brown) but my bigger challenge is to figure out a block that I can use all these colors in. It's a little tricky to pick a background fabric that will highlight the focus color block, but not compete with it. I think I need to pick a light background. Not necessarily all the same fabric but a monochromatic pallet. Maybe a light beige, yellow or peach. Warm colors seem to be where I'm leaning right now. Just need to do some stash diving. 

My color collection so far.

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ellen gets crafty said...

Welcome back - I bet it has been hard recovering.