Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Collaborative Color Project

 A while back I started on a color challenge from the 15 Minutes of Play collaborative blog. Every Wednesday Victoria presents a new color that we are to use as the focus for a new block. Most of the others are doing more traditional blocks, but I wanted to have a more monochromatic, improvisational loo. And I really don't do traditional precision pieced blocks well.

So  using just what I had in my stash I  made large pieces of fabric. Then I inserted narrow strips, using just the challenge colors.
Colors so far --

bright yellow
dusty blue
bright - hurt your eyes - orange

This is really turning out to be a really fun project. The colors have been challenging to find in my stash. I really don't want to buy new fabric but I may have to. Ochre, a color I thought I would have very little of, because I don't do brown was not a problem. There were lots of hand dyed experiments in the stash from mixing too many colors together. When you do this you get brown.  Dusty blue on the other hand will require a trip to the quilt store. Although I have a lot of blues most are in the periwinkle or turquoise family. But I did get one block done.

Right now the pieces range from 8-15 inches. We will have a total of 15 colors when finished. At some point I will need to make duplicates but I think I will wait to see what the other colors are before I do the narrow inserts.

 This is turning out to be something I really like and I expect it will be a queen sized quilt when finished. It will be fun to put the puzzle together and I am looking forward to figuring out the filler pieces which will be surprises.


Quiltdivajulie said...

You are carrying on with a much better version of the concept i had in my head. Other things have gotten in the way, so I've stepped aside (for now).

LOVE how you are handling the challenge!

Mego said...

Your blocks look great. I watched the challenge for a few weeks and then FINALLY I was working on a quilt that had to 'color of the week' so I put a block together. Now I'm all caught up and like you I wish it was more than a block-a-week. It's fun!