Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is Really Hard

I signed up for a challenge using a piece of vintage fabric using the process outlined in Rayna Gillman's book. I figured this should be pretty easy because this is the way I usually work. Well - not so fast.

First I thought I would use the fabric as a neutral and made a piece of strip pieced fabric. Went through the bins and found some pieces already put together.

And there they are sitting on the design wall. I just don't know what to do next.

Trying some high contrast motifs that might prove inspiring.  I am now thinking about a more tone on tone approach with just small pieces of high contrast.

 But can't go too far because the challenge fabric piece is quickly getting smaller and smaller.

There are 10 of us doing this and I think 2 are already done. challenge-fabric-quilt-top-done. Follow the tags for all the different blog posts on this.  All I can say is I wish I had thought of that. Their compositions are really good!!.

Back to the sewing machine and fabric stash!


Marti said...

Irene, you have a good start there. I have not worked on the challenge quilt for two weeks. See my blog entry for 18 Jan.



Dog walking Frisco said...

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Karen S Musgrave said...

There are actually 19 of us! Isn't that cool! Hugs,Karen