Friday, October 7, 2011

Still Trying to Catch Up

WOW  I'm still trying to catch up from a week in North Carolina. Over 2,100 miles (47 on bikes), 40 hours of driving.

Cades Cove, TN

Cades Cove traffic jam

We started the trip with a few days in the Smokey Mountains and rode our bikes through Cades Cove. There are signs all along the road about not stopping and not approaching or feeding the wildlife.

So coming around a corner we come on a traffic jam.  Got off our bikes and worked our way through the stopped cars hoping it was not an accident. Nope, a bear and 2 cubs in a tree and all these people were rubbernecking. There was a ranger there trying to get things going but she was not having much success. Tried to take a quick picture and get out of the area. 

Look carefully, there's a bear in the tree.

Found this cute guy along the road. Hay Bale Art!

Next got to Topsail Island, North Carolina,  and it was great. Great weather and a wonderful time with the family and grand kids. But after getting back to Michigan I can really appreciate our weather. North Carolina beaches are very humid. Everything is sticky and damp. But great place for a vacation.
Sun rise from our ocean front deck

Family Picture (Baby Teak is sleeping under an umbrella)

 I planned on several knitting projects and I did accomplish a lot on my husband,s sock.
But still only one sock still on the needles and no progress at all on the other 3 projects I took.

What I did do is repair the "Wubby" And what exactly is a Wubby?  Have to ask the 3 year old about the name, but it is a knitted cotton blanket that is permanently attached to her. No naps, no car trips, no sleep without the Wubby. I tried last year to knit a replacement but no go. This time her mother asked it I could fix the Wubby. So that is what I did on my fall vacation. This was a real challenge of knots, fraying cotton yarn and trying to knit in high humidity. But although I did not use up all the original yarn and had a pile left over I think it is a success.

Wubby Before
Wubby After, with pile of leftover small pieces
So got home safely after 9 days. Lots of laundry, not much quilting but lots of new ideas floating around.

Started a knitted bear marathon and will post info on this challenging exploration soon.


ellen gets crafty said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your photos.

karenfae said...

when we were in the smokies a couple years ago in the early spring we saw 3 bears (2 separate places) one of them was causing quite a traffic jam - I thought we were back in Yellowstone with all the cars that were caught up in it :)